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This blog really isn't designed to be about ME, however I am willing to share my life with you so that you can gain knowledge about living with cancer, the importance of continued research in cancer fighting drugs, and how the FDA's decisions on releasing or pulling a drug from cancer patients can greatly impact many lives. While my cancer is advanced breast cancer, I am fighting for all cancers, and actually life in general. My life has been directly affected by many other cancers as family members, friends and chemo buddies have died from various cancers. Each one of these people have shaped my life and I am fighting to honor their fight, and to continue fighting for all of us touched by this horible disease in some way. Most of all, I'm fighting for the right of my 11 year old daughter to continue having a healthy mother, and for my Husband and Mother to keep them from the pain and torment that comes from seeing a loved one die from cancer. The FIGHT IS ON!! Please join me!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Please Pray for the Avastin Ruling

Today started the hearings in Washington that will decide the continued use of the drug Avastin for advanced breast cancer.  I would have loved being in Washington today with all of the women there fighting to keep this drug available for them, but I spent 5 hours at the infusion center today receiving 2 units of blood.  Not exactly what I thought I'd be doing when things would come to this point.

The only thing I can do for this campaign at this moment is to ask you all to pray that this drug remains available to these women that have been so blessed with the use of the drug.  Almost 3 years of my cancer life was spent while on this drug, and you would never had known I had cancer if you didn't already know me or I told you.  There were no side effects for me for such a long time.  I became very ill in Feb. that led to a one month stay in the hospital with pneumonia and a long recovery time at home, so I was unable to continue any treatment while my body was trying to recover.  When I returned to MD Anderson for follow ups, my cancer had spread to several places in the spine and a few other localized bone spots.  This was clear that my run with Avastin was at the end, but I truly believe that the three years Avastin gave me was a blessing and I'm thankful that I was able to have the drug as one of the weapons against this terrible disease.

Please when you say your prayers tonight, think of all the moms, friends, sisters, daughters and women that are going to be up all night wondering what the FDA hears from the panels and protesters.  Please pray that the drug will remain available for use and that this decision be a doctor patient decision, not a government decision.


God Bless!!


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