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This blog really isn't designed to be about ME, however I am willing to share my life with you so that you can gain knowledge about living with cancer, the importance of continued research in cancer fighting drugs, and how the FDA's decisions on releasing or pulling a drug from cancer patients can greatly impact many lives. While my cancer is advanced breast cancer, I am fighting for all cancers, and actually life in general. My life has been directly affected by many other cancers as family members, friends and chemo buddies have died from various cancers. Each one of these people have shaped my life and I am fighting to honor their fight, and to continue fighting for all of us touched by this horible disease in some way. Most of all, I'm fighting for the right of my 11 year old daughter to continue having a healthy mother, and for my Husband and Mother to keep them from the pain and torment that comes from seeing a loved one die from cancer. The FIGHT IS ON!! Please join me!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Great Story! Please Read!

I just came across this article about women fighting stage four breast cancer.  The women mentioned in the article range in age from 40's to 80's.  Their stories are so inspiring and reading about their lives makes me realize that all of us women facing advanced breast cancer have the same concerns, thoughts, fears and determination.  I felt like I was reading my own story.  Hopefully in the near future I can meet these courageous women that feel as if they are alone in this fight.  It's not all a pretty pink satin ribbon with the words "fight like a girl" written on them.  Every time I see someone in those "fight like a girl" t shirts, I want to go up and punch the lights out of them, but then I remind myself that they are wearing that in support of women with breast cancer and that alone I appreciate!

Please, Please read this article.  Their lives will inspire yours!


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